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The Creator and Writer of Steecy

Stavros Klaoudatos when he was 15

Stavros Klaoudatos when he was 15

Stavros Klaoudatos

Stavros is the creator of He created this website in May 2021. His vision was to create a platform where he could publish many articles for free and help educate people on various topics. He has a passion for Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Economics. He is a Greek male born on 18/03/2005 in Athens. He created steecy when he was 16 years old, which also was the year he published his first book: “Quantum Mechanics for Starters” which can be found on Amazon here. He is the one responsible for the upkeep of the website as well as for the articles written. Furthermore, he has graduated from Stanford’s Coursera course on machine learning with 96.34%. He has published one paper in mathematics and has a GitHub repository filled with completed projects.

Stanford Course Certficate-1